The year of 2022 will bring nostalgic and innovative web design trends that will be inspired by creativity and efficiency.

Web designers and creatives are raising the bar every year by producing more creative and effective work than ever before. The constantly evolving digital space gives designers the possibility to be infinitively imaginative, allowing us to create anything we can imagine. Though, it is important to stay true to our given brief and remember good web design practises when we create websites. 2022 offers some innovative design trends that are grounded by logic but also influenced by past eras.

Moving font type

One of the most crucial components of a website is and always will be its content, in other words text. Ranging from titles to paragraph text, moving type can help capture users and better convey a title or explanation. Furthermore, moving text creates a immersive experience which captures the user’s attention and further engages them.
Animated graphics have been used in web design for years but animated type defies convention and puts a modern spin on website animation.
This design trend is usually best executed by utilising minimal graphical elements to ensure the moving font stands out.

One page websites

Minimalism has been trending in web design for years now and is no exception when it comes to website structure. Depending on a business’s aim, a one page website can an effective and affordable starting point to get a business online. One-page websites have simple scroll navigation which allows users more time to focus on what is on the page and what the website offers. A one page website also allows for more creative freedom than larger websites.

Retro Style websites

Giving a nod to the past, retro style websites are making a comeback this year. Designers are opting to use small retro details or build fully fledged retro themed websites to create unique and quirky designs. While the internet before the 2000s was comprised of bizarre and outlandish designs it also housed some of the most iconic sites that have inevitably influenced the sites of today. These include the word’s first ever website the World Wide web, Space Jam and Yahoo Games.

Utilising bright pops of colour and Roboto type fonts, a retro revolution will be seen taking over the web design world in 2022.

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