Designing a good recruitment website in 2024 requires a blend of modern design principles, user-centric features and effective technology integration. If you opt to use WordPress as your CMS (content management system) you will have a lot of flexibility in the design of your website and how well it functions.

Here are some key steps and considerations:

User-Centric Design

Responsive Design

Thisis the number one thing to consider in 2024, as majority of people have made the shift from using a desktop to using their mobile phones to search the web. This figure lies at around 7.1 billion in 2024 with an increase of about 247 million globally, this year alone!

You may be wondering about the stats in the UK?
About 9 in 10 users in the UK acces the internet via a mobile phone which a huge percentage of 92.3%. In comparison only 65% of users browse the internet with a desktop. Find out more about Internet Traffic from Mobile Devices here.

These figures tell us that the priority is the mobile version of your site, though keep in mind that it is best to ensure the desktop version or your website functions seamslessly as well.

Make sure your recruitment website provides the best experience on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

Recruitment website design has a few other key factors we will discuss below.

Intuitive Navigation

Use a clear and straightforward navigation structure.

Group your pages into differnet menu items and then work out the best hierarchy for these. This plays a cricual role in how users navigate and engage with your website.

Ensuring that users can find exactly what they are looking for can be the make or break of how well your website does in the long run.

Furthermore, make sure job seekers can easily find job listings, application forms, and other important sections.

Clean Aesthetic

When looking for a new job or job advice, candidates are often looking at a range of websites and media to find the right fit for them. For this reason you need to ensure that your website looks as clean and clear as possible. Candidates also look for websites they trust, therefore make sure your website looks professional and includes strategically placed testimonials from past candidates.

Opt for a minimalist and clean design that focuses on usability. Avoid clutter and excessive information on single pages. Candidates will have to go through countless job types, assessing lots of information including job specifications, required skills, employment terms and preferred skills to name a few.

Allowing your users to find and digest information as effortlessly as possible will help you stand out amongst the competition.

Vacancies Page Design

Overall Web Design

If you are aiming to design a recruitment website it is crucial you keep key functionalities in mind.

One crucial functionality is job search and filters.

You should aim to allow potential candidates to filter jobs by various criteria such as location, industry, job type, salary range, and experience level.

Helping users find what they are looking for quickly and with little effort.

The design of this interface should be kept clean, with the website’s colours used to highlight specific buttons and titles. For example if your website colours are blue and gree, you can use green to highlight the search button and blue to highlight the job titles and salaries.

This is just an example and you can tailor your colour pallette to match your Vacancies page and it’s functionalities.

Keyword Search and Filters

Implement a powerful keyword search that helps users find relevant jobs quickly.

The design of your keyword search should be carefully considered as this will serve as one of the key functionalities of your website.

Ensure you highlight element. Use colour to highlight the most important areas such as the ‘Search Jobs’ button and the job input area.

Make sure the input text is legible and easy to see.

If you have any filters such as location, industry, job type, salary range you should also highlight these and make it aparent to the user that they can search with these.

An extra detail which is good practise in terms of UI (user experience) is to change the colour of the button when a user hovers over it, you should aim to only change this slightly so it serves as a subtle visual queue for the user to press it.


If you have an idea for the design of your recruitment site but you don’t know where to start or how to implement it, we would love to hear from you.

We can help you develop your website to ensure it works seamlessly and provides a fantastic user experience.

We also specialise in web design, therefore we can also help you create your website from scratch!

If you would like an example of a project we have worked on please have a look at our recent Recruitment Website case study, where we designed and developed a recruitment website based in Essex and Heathrow.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you, please get in touch.