Year after year we see the rise of new technological endeavours. These help shape the UI and web design trends that are to come. AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) are the top contenders this year, changing the way we experience the world and the web.

A basic user interface serves two main purposes:

  • To look aesthetic and entice the user to stay on the site longer
  • To allow the user to navigate and take required actions quickly and easily

What is UI Design

UI stands for User Interface, this can include graphical interfaces, voice-controlled interfaces and gesture-based interfaces. For the purposes of this article we will focus on graphical user interfaces.

Improving your UI Design

Design aesthetic and Usability

The primary points that users notice when using an interface is how usable it is and how aesthetic and likeable they perceive it to be. Your design should aim to allow users to carry out their given task conveniently, therefore your design should not subtract from it’s overall function.

Understanding and studying your users journeys through your site is crucial for delivering the most intuitive experiences.

Staying true to brand indentity

Using a set colour pallette, font and style will ensure a cohesive theme is apparent throughout your website. This helps communicate brand identity, reminding the user they are on your business’s site. Mapping the business core values and traits to design elements and colour can enhance the effectiveness of your design. For example an IT Company may utilise a blue colour scheme and professional crisp appearance throughout, communicating a sense of professionalism.

User satisfaction

Your site should be enjoyable to use. For example easy and satisfying interactions contribute to a better user experience, finding a balance between appearance and functionality is key to successfully designing a good user interface. An intuitive design that predicts what the user requires before they even know will pleasantly suprise your audience, create an immersive experience.