In 2023, web design trends will embrace new user interface designs. This will allow web designers to break away from traditional layouts and create a more dynamic and engaging visual experience for users.


Simple, clean designs will continue to become popular in 2023. This trend accentuates simplicity and ease of use, where users can find what they are looking in the most efficient way possible.

Y2K/Retro Aesthetic

The Y2K/Retro Aesthetic refers to the visual style of websites from the late 1990s all the way to the 2000s. This style was inspired by pop culture common between 1997 to 2005, taking inspiration from graphic design, tech, fashion and even music. This style embraced nostalgia from this period – featuring futuristic and technological graphics, bold colours and patterns.

Websites incorporating a Y2K aesthetic usually make use of bold colours, quirky fonts and eccentric iconography. In 2023 web developers have more advanced design tools than ever before. This means they can create more refined and re-imagined versions of the Y2K style. Retro UI Designs can now be created with better clarity, navigation and graphics than ever before!

Custom Fonts and Lettering

Custom-designed and unique fonts will play a big role in web design in 2023. Custom fonts can be used to create a unique website with its own typographical style.
A web designer can help create the perfect custom font for your website. This will be coherent with your brand and will allow you to stand out and instantly be recognised.

Always ensure that a custom font is appropriate for the target audience and content of the website. Custom fonts often serve better for headings and should be paired with appropriate body fonts to ensure writing is clear and legible. Also check for practicality and check that the fonts do not detract from the user experience.

3D Graphics

3D graphics will continue to take the web world by storm in 2023. They are great for product based businesses as they can showcase a range of products in fun and engaging ways. By adding depth and realism, you can create a more visually appealing and immersive experience for users. With new web technologies, 3D graphics can be included into your website design using WebGL, Three.js, and other JavaScript libraries. A website design will be able to feature 3D charts, interactive 3D product visualisations, rotation and zoom functions. Ensure that optimisation of the performance of the 3D graphics is taken into account when designing a website, especially in terms of load speeds and usability.

Dark Mode

Dark mode refers to a style of web design that uses a dark background and light text. The inverse of the conventional white background design we see on all devices. This features both in UI and UX design which is important as it contributes to less eye strain and better usability in low-light environments. It is a trend that is gaining more popularity and hence it will be important to incorporate this mode into website design in 2023.

Dark mode can be implemented using CSS with a background colour set to a dark hue and text colour set to a light hue. Careful consideration of colour contrast and legibility needs to be taken into account. Users with colour vision deficiencies will also benefit from using this dark mode and hence this will increase accessibility of a website.

Parallax Zoom Scrolling

Parallax Zoom Scrolling is a web effect where background images move at a slower pace than foreground images. This can be used to create a dynamic and engaging user experience. Either to create a narrative or to tell a story through user interactions. As this will allow a high degree of interactivity, it is great for allowing users to buy into a business narrative or brand allowing for better retention times and higher conversion rates.

CSS and JavaScript can be used to create understated or dramatic effects to add visual interest and a dynamic feel to the website. Though you should note, this technique should be used wisely so that it does not slow loading times and it enhances the content of the website. Otherwise, users may find it distracting or even overwhelming.


In conclusion web design trends in 2023 are set to prioritise user-friendly designs and custom business branding. Furthermore, web designers and developers have many advanced tools at their fingertips which we predict will see a re-imagined style of story-telling and brand-specific designs to create a fully immersive user experience.

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