Do you have a website and want it to reach more people?
You will find that the best way of achieving this to be through SEO.

What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is the process of improving your site in a range of way to increase it’s visibility to people who search for products or services related to your business. It is key to ensuring that you can improve your page ranking in search engine results pages also known as SERPs. The aim is to get your website to the highest ranking in SERPs as possible.
When you incorporate SEO into your website you will improve your websites prominence in SERPs. The higher the ranking of your page, the more views you will have. This will increase traffic to your website and increase prospective customers.
If your site ranks very low on SERPs, you will have a very low prominence and very few people will view your website. However, if you rank on page one then you will have a great page ranking and loads of people will be directed to your website.

How SEO works

Search engines use algorithms to rank your pages of your website according to keyword. Once you post something on your website, web crawlers are sent out to locate and document this new information. This is known as crawling. Indexing occurs next and relates to the step when a search engine decides whether the information it found in the crawling stage is regarded valuable and should be indexed. When it is indexed it is stored to a database for later use. Once indexed, this information can be ranked. If your website is ranked, then your website is easier to find in SERPs.

Achieve high ranking on SERPS

To achieve a high ranking on SERPs (search engine results pages) a number of factors need to be incorporated into your SEO process. Each one of these factors will increase your page ranking.

Top ways to increase page ranking include:

  • Keyword research and implementation in content
  • Other On-page optimisation techniques that relate to how content is organised in a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Off page optimisation relates to actions that occur outside of the website that can increase your ranking on SERPs

Organic Search Traffic

By achieving a high ranking, you can also increase your organic search traffic. Any paid search including Google ads, Pay per Cliack campaigns and even social media ads do not constitute organic search traffic. Organic search traffic is really important and can only be achieved through SEO. This relates to search results that occur without being paid for and drive traffic to your website ‘organically’. The main reason that organic search results are far superior, is that if a customer is actively searching for a specific topic and they find it in an organic search, they trust that this site will provide them with genuine information as they are well ranked. This high ranking on SERPs instantly increases user’s trust in your website. In turn this will increase traffic to your website and ensure that better engagement occurs.

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